Science Fair 2012: A whole lotta learning going on!

Mr. Darren Dick assesses a project.

So pleased to be invited back to the Annual Canadian Rockies Public School District Science Fair. First and foremost, a big shout out to Shari Worobey, uber-organizer, and to Canmore Rotary. Shari once again had her ducks – and all the kids’ projects – lined up in a row. Canmore Rotary supported the project not just with dollars but with volunteers – close to 40, I believe. The judges came from many sectors. It all proves once again, the added value the community pumps into our schools.

High school student judges huddle: "Let's get it right."

Once again Shari gave the judges a combo training session and pep talk. She spoke of how the students had taught her, as they presented. She mentioned that although she teaches languages arts and not science, the use of the scientific method is germane to all curriculum, as well as practice doing presentations. She encouraged us to learn from the students as we used provided rubrics to grade the projects.

The two hours of judging flew by as I listened to the students, asked questions and parsed the results. There were miles of aisles and the gym was packed out with people.

Kudos to everyone involved. I’ll be back next year… if you’ll have me. I get a bit of a window into how difficult a teacher’s job is, and, as I mentioned last year,  I am grateful for the insight.

Miles of science project aisles!

About Esmé Comfort

My husband Jim and I moved to the Bow Valley in 1980, settling in Canmore in 1983. Both my children were born in Canmore and attended K -12 in Canadian Rockies Public Schools District (CRPS), French Immersion. For the past six years I served as vice-chair of the board. Alberta Government support to the CRPS Inspiring Hearts & Minds initiative created opportunities for provincial, national and international outreach. In the past I held positions on the Canmore Daycare Board, the preschool board, and various school councils/PACs; I served as president of the local chapter of Canadian Parents for French for five years and sat on the provincial board for two. I currently sit on the board of the Canmore Folk Music Festival, work full time at an events management firm and edit, copy-edit and proofread on contract. My husband and I ran a small main street business for 18 years: supply and install floor wall and window coverings.
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3 Responses to Science Fair 2012: A whole lotta learning going on!

  1. Vi Sandford, Trustee CRPS says:

    As one of the MANY judges for the 5th Annual Canadian Rockies Regional Science Fair, I was amazed to see how creative and enthusiastic the students were in developing and presenting their topics. Scientific method was the key, but the scope of their wonder was virtually limitless. Some of the students did variations on familiar themes, and some explored ideas that were looking into the future. Highschool students were also part of the judging team, and found insight into how difficult it is to BE the judge, and not just have your work judged by a teacher, when you are the student. It is a great way to bring community into the shaping of the whole child, and the Rotary Club, with their volunteer committement of at least 40 members, and a cash infusion of $5000, is a delightful way to make our Bow Valley communities shine! A huge effort by the teacher who spearheads it all, Mrs. Shari Worobey is also in order (some of the students even thanked and acknowledged her in their presentations.) Other sponsors, Government of AB, BV Waste Management Comm, Genome AB, The Banff Community Foundation should also be honoured for their support of the Science Fair, and the Hearts and Minds of our fantastic students.

  2. Nancy DaDalt says:

    Esme..thanks for this update. There was lots of talk at BES how much the students missed not being able to go and “check it all out”. Way to go Shari and thanks to Rotary and all the other sponsors who helped out. Amazing work and another amazing project to inspire our children and for them to see how everyone pitches in.

    I work at The Banff Community Foundation and would love to get your photos for use in our publicity when speaking to the grants and projects that are supported by donor dollars.

    with thanks!!

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