Back to business, back to work.

I wrote the title for this post on the Labour Day weekend, inspired by this poster. Then I got interrupted then here we are three weeks later…how does that happen? I have been busy doing.

Next time someone disses unions to me, I’ll be obnoxious, and remind them of the benefits for which union men and women fought – and sometimes died.















As a bit of an aside, the mountain ash seem to be more laden with berries than in previous years.  Birds are glutting themselves; I captured this robin from the parking lot at work.

I love robins, don’t you? They are looking fat and sassy right now. I just smile when I see one.

I am pleased to say that I reached my reward goal for quitting smoking: The Burgess Shale hike on September 9th with a Parks Canada guide, three good friends and nine strangers. At 22 kilometers distance and nearly 800 meters elevation, it was not your average Sunday stroll for this dowager duchess! And I sprained my ankle and road-rashed my knee on the Thursday just prior to going. Never mind. I had made up my mind to go. I did not get to the Quarry, but to the Discovery site about 100 meters below, where we found a treasure trove of fossils.

205 million years old, I believe we were told. Wow.

I learned again the sweet satisfaction of achieving an objective despite the odds. I never would have made it to the end without the encouragement of my pals. It was a very special weekend. Thanks all.

The pals who got me there. Did I mention it was sleeting and just a little breezy? Bless you ladies for your support and your laughter.

The school district is in full swing. The Board had its first committee meeting on the 11th of September and the first public meeting on the 19th. The agendas and minutes from those are on the CRPS website. Our budget is not entirely set yet, because the money is tied to our student numbers as at September 30th.  Meanwhile the work continues.

Kevan Funk answers questions from the audience at The Banff Centre: The Club, Sept. 14, 2012.

On Friday September 14th I was lucky enough to attend the community screening of four short movies produced by a Banff Community High School graduate Kevan Funk. So very interesting to see the work of this nascent filmmaker. I look forward to seeing his future work. Kevan has a lot of talent and his work already shows a clear level of professionalism; he will be one we hear from in the future.

This past Friday, I was privileged to be inspired by another brilliant speaker: Dr. Sharon Friesen. She was working with our teachers on instructional excellence and educational leadership. Fascinating absorbing material…and it will serve the teachers and principals well – and thereby, our students.  More on this later…it really is very exciting.

Nope this is not Canmore’s Duck Race: they put in 1,000 tiny ducks – I just like this graphic.

I am racing to finish as I leave for 10 days holiday,  but must add that our Superintendent Chris MacPhee, along with his many other attributes, also turns out to be lucky: he won first prize -$1,200 –  in the football team’s annual Duck Race fundraiser. I wonder how he will spend it?!

Oh and I learned this week that the slang term for a question mark followed by an exclamation mark, as at the end of the previous sentence is an “interro-bang”: lifelong learning.

About Esmé Comfort

My husband Jim and I moved to the Bow Valley in 1980, settling in Canmore in 1983. Both my children were born in Canmore and attended K -12 in Canadian Rockies Public Schools District (CRPS), French Immersion. For the past six years I served as vice-chair of the board. Alberta Government support to the CRPS Inspiring Hearts & Minds initiative created opportunities for provincial, national and international outreach. In the past I held positions on the Canmore Daycare Board, the preschool board, and various school councils/PACs; I served as president of the local chapter of Canadian Parents for French for five years and sat on the provincial board for two. I currently sit on the board of the Canmore Folk Music Festival, work full time at an events management firm and edit, copy-edit and proofread on contract. My husband and I ran a small main street business for 18 years: supply and install floor wall and window coverings.
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