So long and fare-thee-well…

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbonIt is time to close this blog. As of 8 p.m., Monday, October 21st, 2013, I am no longer a Public School Board Trustee. The past nine years of my life have been inextricably bound to things educational – locally, at the provincial level, nationally and globally. It’s been a gift. I will leave the posts up for the time being… deathless prose and all that.

My education WILL continue…there is no graduation ceremony for that…well, maybe, but let’s not go there. I will no longer be posting here, since my journey as a Public School Board Trustee is now done. Kim Bater, Banff Trustee has a blog here and Leanne McKeown, Canmore Trustee also, here. Carol Picard, newly elected chair, is making threatening noises about launching a blog of her own.

You can find me wearing my Councillor-for-the-Town-of-Canmore hat at a new location soon. I am still prepping for it! Meanwhile, I have maintained my Facebook page, Esmé Comfort, Canmore Town Councillor for news and views.

And, make no mistake, you will still hear from me about Public Education and all the other things 😉

About Esmé Comfort

My husband Jim and I moved to the Bow Valley in 1980, settling in Canmore in 1983. Both my children were born in Canmore and attended K -12 in Canadian Rockies Public Schools District (CRPS), French Immersion. For the past six years I served as vice-chair of the board. Alberta Government support to the CRPS Inspiring Hearts & Minds initiative created opportunities for provincial, national and international outreach. In the past I held positions on the Canmore Daycare Board, the preschool board, and various school councils/PACs; I served as president of the local chapter of Canadian Parents for French for five years and sat on the provincial board for two. I currently sit on the board of the Canmore Folk Music Festival, work full time at an events management firm and edit, copy-edit and proofread on contract. My husband and I ran a small main street business for 18 years: supply and install floor wall and window coverings.
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