I am passionate about public education generally and the Canadian Rockies Public Schools District specifically. Over the past six years of trusteeship, I have seen significant change at the provincial and local level. The government of Alberta is on the verge of opening The School Act to legislate changes; locally, we continue with Inspiring Hearts & Minds: integrating the precepts, looking to the future, and transforming ‘the way we do things here’.

And there is more, much more happening now and visible on the horizon. I want to continue to be part of the transformation, locally and at the provincial level.

I care about my community. I want to see the expansion of connections and collaboration to all sectors. I want us to continue to strive to do a better job to provide what students need to succeed. I want to help young families to stay in our communities by assuring local public schools are the very best we can make them.

I care about democracy generally and local democracy particularly. Albertans have the ability to hold local elected officials accountable for local decisions.

If Albertans don’t use it, they may lose it. In the last round of elections in 2007, so many trustees were acclaimed (and indeed a number of boards did not have enough nominees to fill seats) that the usefulness of trustees came into question. In 2010 we had an election with six worthy candidates vying for three seats. The conversation got going, issues were examined closely and the community talked to each other, listened to each other.

To quote the Public School Boards Association of Alberta, “Local elections should be an exercise in collective dreaming.” We did a little dreaming, together.  Now it’s down to work to make that dream reality, ‘the way we do things here’.


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  1. iain T. says:

    8.22 MST Can’t stand the wait!

    11.22 EST in Halifax!

    Iain & Nan Taylor

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