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Big decisions in a tiny perfect school district

It is serendipity that the news about Equality House emerged yesterday, on the eve of Canadian Rockies Public Schools presenting ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE (AP)172 re: Sexual Minority/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity. The house is across the street from the infamous Westboro Baptist Church … Continue reading

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I Can See Clearly Now…

I’m a bit of a grad ceremony junkie. I think it started with those of my own kids. That first taste of hope, achievement and excitement, mixed the quiet sadness that accompanies any rite of passage, means I’m addicted for … Continue reading

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The Untenable Position of Alberta School Boards: Rocks, hard places & black holes for money.

(Redacted January 20, 2012) A now-departed Ministry of Education ADM once told me “Education is a big black hole for money”.  I was desperately suppressing the urge to leap across the table and throttle him, and therefore unable to muster … Continue reading

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The Alberta Education Budget: Child Abandonment?

This is my seventh school district budget. Each one has been riddled with dissonance. When I try to explain some part of Education funding to bemused questioners, usually parents, the response is often: “That must be wrong. It doesn’t make … Continue reading

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